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i. Group Information 

The Alternative Energy Group (AEA) “Carlos Luna Pont” from UNPA is a research group working with the ITA (Institute of Applied Technology), dedicated mainly to the study and demonstrative implementation of clean and renewable energy sources and energy storage mechanisms such as Hydrogen. Focus of the Group is towards measurements related to these technologies, and making them applicable in the South Patagonia region.

Figura 6A - Vista aerogenerador UASJ - Instalado

Figure 1 – Small wind turbine and sensors in San Julian / AEA UASJ

Mini-Site AEA:

ii. Staff



UARG Members:





UASJ Members:


Auxiliary staff:






iii. Technical information

The AEA has divisions within the Rio Gallegos (UARG) and San Julián (UASJ) Academic Units of the University (UNPA) and has been active in research and measurements on local renewable energy since 1994 in UARG and since 2000 in UASJ. Current activities are being developed within Research Projects 29/A412: “Embedded systems & Wireless communications applied to Renewable Energy Measurements” – original title:  “Aplicación de sistemas embebidos y comunicaciones inalámbricas a equipos de medición para energías renovables” and 29/D084 “International normative framework for hybrid wind-solar systems, power curve measurement and duration tests on small wind turbines”, original title: “Estudio y aplicación de normativa internacional para sistemas híbridos eólico-solares y para determinación de curvas de potencia y ensayos de duración para equipos eólicos de baja capacidad”. Up to 2018 the active projects were 29/A348 (“Design and implementation of renewable energy measurement equipment applied to Education in Engineering”  –  original title “Estudio e implementación de sistemas de medición para energía renovable y equipos anexos aplicados a la enseñanza de la ingeniería”) and (San Julian) Project 29/D057 ( “Performance evaluation of small wind turbines and wind resource measurement in rural áreas of San Julián” – original title “Estudio de desempeño de pequeños aerogeneradores y relevamientos de recurso eólico en zona rural próxima a Puerto San Julián”). The projects focus on resource measurements, and on evaluation of demonstration equipment using wind or PV power using comercial and self-built data acquisition units.  One of the highlights of this research is the development of the SISMED units, on-going since first tests in 1999 on small wind systems (see First evaluation in SISMED_Bulletin_2002) These systems have evolved to adapt to different systems and research projects, both in Argentina and in South of Chiles. Because of local demand and harsh climate conditions, last results are focused on small wind and PV systems for Green-house automation and operation, and on associated measures to produce higher efficiency and yield in these systems.

AEA cooperates with Wind Empowerment and participated in their WEAthens 2014 Measurements Working Group.

iii. Photographs

iii.1 Rio Gallegos AEA – Campus UARG

Figura 1 SISMED_FV 24 2 Channel PV Current + Power at Campus UARG

Figure 1 SISMED_FV 24 2 Channel PV Current + Power at Campus UARG

Figura 2 - Adjustable Angle PV system connected to SISMEDFV_24 - AEA Campus UARG

Figure 2 – Adjustable Angle PV system connected to SISMEDFV_24 – AEA Campus UARG

Figure 3 - Two Channel PV power data 24/3/2015 - 10 hours

Figure 3 – Two Channel PV power data 24/3/2015 – 10 hours
Figura 4 - Small wind and Greenhouse at Campus UARG

Figure 4 – Small wind and panel within greenhouse Campus UARG/Invernadero


Figura 2 - Ubicación torre + Invernaderos nuevos

Figura 5 – Wind turbine tower + new greenhouse construction UARG Campus AEA

Figura 1B - Tablero Aerogenerador - UARG 24 V  + Inversor 1.7 kW

Figure 5 – Panel + 1.7 kW Inverter +Regulator UARG 24 V at campus UARG

iii.2 San Julian AEA – UASJ


Figure 6 – Mounting SWT – at San Julian UASJ / Rural 06-2013

Figura 7 - Sistema de medición SISMED_24SJ - Diagrama

Figure 7 -Measurement system at  SISMED_24SJ – Diagram
Figure 8- Ing. José Gonzalez with SISMED_SJ 24 operating

Figure 8- Ing. José Gonzalez with SISMED_SJ 24 operating at San Julian research unit

RE Equipment for teaching  tested in  UA SAN JULIAN – AEA

(5/6- 03-2017)

Last 5 and 6 th March 2017 the connection to PC of the Renewable Energy teaching Edibon modules for Wind and Solar Thermal, donated by UPM (see :  ), was concluded.

Also work was done on the support and cabling for the two 100 Wp PV modules, for complementing the 1 kW  Eolux Small Wind Turbine on site.  A small DC UPS was installed on the  SISMED_SJ24 measurement system, until the battery replacement is completed. From AEA  Río Gallegos the participants were Patricio Triñanes, Jorge Lescano, Nestor Cortez and Rafael Oliva, and from  San Julián José F.Gonzalez, Nestor Garzón and Sergio Cabrera, together with P. Santa Cruz student (Energy Techniques) Eduardo Piñeiro. Some activities were completed 5/3 and the rest on  6/3 at the UNPA- UASJ Chacra. This equipment will be used in the Renewable Energy courses for Río Gallegos (Ing. Quimica, Ing. Recursos Naturales) and TUE (Tecnicatura Universitaria en Energía) from UNPA-San Julian.


Posicionam_FV_SJ06-03017_HPIM7806 FV_TendidoCables2_20170306_115552

See also:

 NEWS: 12-08-2016

Jean Alinei finished his Wind Empowerment internship
last 12-08, part of the projected boards were developed and tested and software development follows, with cooperation from the local UNPA computer science student Cecilia Fuentes, which will also
participate in a WE Internship.


About SEPS Project and Jean’s work – preliminary (sp):  Paper_SEPS+WEModularPwr_ASADES2016_v1Ha

UNPA WindEmpowerment Membership 08-2016


30-06-2016: Internship Student Presentation


Jean Alinei – a last-year engineering student from the University of Grenoble in France, gave a presentation on his University, and his activities within ACE and Wind Empowerment for 4th year chemical engineering students and teachers at UNPA-UARG.


Download Presentation (PDF -2.3MB): ACE_presenation

30-06-2016 Internship Position:  Power Electronics Engineering Internship for Students (1.5 months – from 2 nd week of July to the end of August 2016)

To aid in Jean’s work, we are seeking to complete an Internship Position for Students in Engineering. Download the PDF with conditions:  WindEmpowerment_InternshipUNPA2016_En+Sp(29-06-2016)

24/06/2016: Internship Student from Grenoble University


Jean Alinei is a last-year engineering student from the University of Grenoble in France, and he arrived this week to start a two-month internship through the SEPS/Wind Empowerment Project “MODULAR POWER TO THE PEOPLE: DEMOCRATIZING ENERGY ACCESS THROUGH MODULAR POWER ELECTRONICS
SYSTEMS”. This project is financed by the Wuppertal Institute / Wisions (Germany) and involves  the testing of open-source, joint designed DC/DC power modules for renewable energy systems
(mainly PV and small wind power converters). Part of the work will be done within the Alternative  Energy Group (ITA) at the campus in UNPA-UARG.


03/06/2016: Small Wind Turbine Reinstalled – AEA – UARG

The Eolux wind turbine has been reinstalled in a new completely fenced site with a special shelter at UNPA-UARG,  in coincidence with another anniversary of  founder and first director of the Alternative Energy Group Arq. Carlos Luna Pont, who left us on 29-05-2001. This 1.2 kW wind turbine was acquired through a PEA project in 2014. Thanks to Javier and Joni from DM Comunicaciones, who performed most of the installation processs. Now reconnection and supply of electricity to the greenhouse of Proyecto Amilcar Herrera must be finished.

Izaje Eolux 3-6-2016

Aero Instalado 3-6-

Reinstallation PDF ReinstalacionNPA_03062016 (download Spanish 2.3MB)









  1. Dear AEA Group,

    The Wind Empowerment (WE) Executive Board recently contacted you regarding a survey we are currently conducting. The aim of this survey is to study the formation of inter-organisational networks among members of the WE Association.

    We would be very grateful if you could take 10-20 min of your time to respond to the survey. Please click the following link to begin (closing date: May 14th):

    Your responses will offer invaluable insights about network structures in the WE Association, which can inform relevant outreach activities by the Executive Board in the future. We will present the results of this research during a webinar hosted by the WE Association and will also publish them in an Open Access journal article.

    In related news, we recently published a paper on the determinants of adoption in open-source hardware, for which we use small wind turbines as a case study. You can access the paper for free via the following link until June 18th:

    If you have any questions about the survey, please do not hesitate to contact me.

    Thank you!

    Kind regards,

    Tobias Reinauer

    Department of Technology, Management and Economics
    Technical University of Denmark (DTU)
    UN City, Marmorvej 51,
    2100 Copenhagen, Denmark

    Direct: +45 4533 5296
    Mobil: +45 2761 7953

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